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Alisa Murray’s Living the Sweet Life | Expressing Gratefulness | April 2017

April Sweet Life 2017

Expressing Gratefulness

Lent comes each year and I spend those weeks, as so many of us do, fasting from some things that I like coupled with reflecting on my life; contemplating what I can improve both spiritually and physically. After all of that time in a reflective state, my mind looks joyfully towards a time to celebrate with friends and family. Friends and family are never far from my mind as each day I try more and more to let those that I love know what they mean to me. Call it getting older, becoming more aware of my own mortality or just getting old with age and becoming more nice… having a strong sense of gratitude and being capable of showing it is a sign of maturity that I quite like actually.

I wear a leather cuff almost everyday that says simply “Be Grateful.” I came across it in a little boutique and many of my friends have commented that they liked it. I wear it to continuously remind me to be mindful and aware of what it is that I do have and not to dwell on the things that I do not. Sometimes this works and other times when things are just not clicking in the directions I want them to be going I look down at that leather cuff and want to stomp my foot and pull it off! That little voice though in my crazy head stops me and after a few deep breaths and in just a few days or even an hour or so of just being ornery I come back around. We all, you see, should wear an invisible bracelet reminding us to be grateful!

There are several ways that I have found to express gratitude, some are easier to do than others of course, but we all should implement them into our lives so that we are enriched and reminded form time to time of what we all do have. Lives well lived are with rich relationships and not “stuff!” Firstly, each week I make it a point to write a thank you note. It might be for a lovely towel that is brought in a hostess welcome or for an unexpected gift from an old dear friend. It might be for a loving spouse that decided to make tea and breakfast and let a certain someone you know sleep in a few extra hours! Either way I write them and truthfully I write them as much for me as I do for the recipients!

I feel another way to show someone gratitude for them being in your life is to give meaningful gifts.. you know stuff that you know suits that person, not a generic whatever that you randomly picked up! When the holidays came last year we were visiting family after having not been at Christmas in over 19 years! The family members wanted to draw names and then proceeded to tell all of us to buy each other gift cards, which was a fairly stupid idea if you had asked me. I ended up not only buying them a gift card, because they is what they asked for, but I had made for each of them a monogramed leather clutch. That way each of them had something personalized and lasting from just us. That is truly being thoughtful, and shows that you are mindful of their likes and have taken the time, which by the way is also very valuable, to go out of your way to make sure a gift selected for them is actually for just them!

Another way that I show my clients, who are my friends, that I appreciate them is through hugging them. Touch is the first sense we acquire and it is an important act that builds relationships. Listening to a friend without casting opinion, being the first to say your are sorry, and offering to help with a project or a new move or with shopping…all of these are small ways we can show gratitude towards others.

Whether you are randomly smiling at a stranger, writing a letter of thanks or hugging an old friend; all of these acts are a display of being grateful. Gratitude is something that is taught and learned and as we age; it is more valued in our relationships. It is a symbol for me of graciousness that I am proud to be well versed in. The best part about having gratitude is that it is two-fold. The more we show others how much we care and appreciate them; the more thankful we become of our own lives and the less we long for more “stuff!”
Take Care of YOU!

Alisa Murray’s Sweet Life : Sweet Thought for Today | #alisamurray


“When we plant the seed of a question or a problem in our consciousness, we need to trust that an insight will rise to the surface.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Alisa Murray’s Daily Dose of Sweet! #alisamurray #auntieAlivingthesweetlife

Today’s daily is all about work. When we work in a job that we love and are perfectly aligned to the way we spend our day then we are in our best place to shine in the Glory of our Lord. Each of us have special gifts and those gifts are meant to be discovered and then shared… that is essentially the way to finding your purpose in life.

Today’s affirmation comes from Louise Hay: “I affirm that my job is to express GOD. I rejoice in this employment and give thanks for every opportunity to demonstrate the power of my Lord to work through me. Anytime that I am presented with a challenge, I know that it is an opportunity from God, and I quiet my mind and wait for positive words to fill my mind. I know when I hear those words it is the Holy Spirit guiding me. I accept these blessed revelations with joy and know that I am worthy of my just reward for a job well done.

Alisa Murray’s Living the Sweet Life | Little Sweet Thoughts | #february2017 #alisamurray

Today’s :Little Sweet Thoughts

It is when you are going through the most difficult chapter of your life that your HERO IS REVEALED, and how beautiful it is when you finally realize you have the strength with God’s help to save yourself…

Houston Award winning Columnist | Alisa Murray’s “Living the Sweet Life” | April 2016| #alisamurray

Living the Sweet Life : Being unknownMindful of the Greatness

It’s that time of the year when we all are ready for the cold to dissipate and for the flowers to bloom. It’s GREATNESS time too. If your like me you found yourself last year reflecting and wondering “where did the year go?” Sometimes when life starts to happen we let ourselves just go with the flow instead of purposefully positioning ourselves for great things. Now is the time to make sure to access those resolutions and tweak if necessary so you don’t look up and find another year has flown by and you lived mindlessly instead of mindfully.

Let’s think about that for a minute. One of the most important things we have is time. People who are older and wiser often look back over their lives and wish for what? Time. I think it’s human nature to want to rush and get ahead but truthfully as I get older I realize that God intends GREATNESS for all of us and much of that is given through living mindfully and not blindly. So I vowed to not be so rushed. I vowed to spend time wasting time. For me that really means spending time doing nothing because I am such a planned and scheduled person to think of not doing something feels like I am wasting time. I am of course doing the exact opposite of such but it feels that way nonetheless.

What can we all do to make 2016 remarkable…and savor the little moments? Stop. Yep… pretty simple to say but as they say “Oh so difficult to actually do!” One thing that you can do is go through your calendar and block off a day a week or a day a month for just you. Make it an afternoon trip to the park or a day trip to somewhere close by like the sea. Take a picnic and not go to a restaurant (sorry guys…it’s part of the experience). Mainly plan to just “BE.”

An interesting thing will happen as you do these things. You will become enlightened as to what the most important things are in your life. You will recognize people in your life that are rare jewels and want nothing more that your very best happiness and you will also find those that are pretending. You will feel pulled closer to the Holy Spirit (insert divine power for those of my non-Christian friends) and you will be told your GREATNESS. Listen. Obey.

Spring is coming and flowers are beginning to wake up and shine. Through the years in our lives; we are given opportunities to grow and other years opportunities to reflect. Last year I was in a reflection year and with each life event that occurred I became ever more reminded of how precious time is. I was dormant and waiting. This year with renewed purpose I am mindfully savoring my moments and blossoming as an artist, mother, wife, and friend. It takes conscious effort to wait for it…. to then recognize it…. and at last to succumb to God’s GREATNESS for our lives.

Take Care of YOU!