Alisa Murray’s “Martini Talks” with Danyell Davis, Financial Coach

Hey there Sweet Lifers! As you know I always try to have meaningful discussions on my show with my friends to help promote their businesses and to help you. Meet my friend Danyell Davis who is a wealth of information to get you well… WEALTHY! She offers workshops and counseling for everything financial. She has workshops that cover topics such as increasing cashflow, debt management, building a financial foundation, retirement planning, and asset accumulation. Participants must register for all workshops. The registration link is also included below. When they register, where it says “who invited you” you need to fill in my name, Danyell Davis.

Danyell can be reached at: or by cell : 713-305-7248

The Worshop Calendar can be found here:…

Registration LINK is here:…

As always I can be reached via email at: or by cell: 713-598-2207 and if you are a business owner or would like to be featured on the show please contact me for scheduling and collaborations

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