Santa Surprise! How to make simple Christmas Cookies using cake batter/ Easy Holiday Baking!

Hey Sweet Lifers! Here’s a quick and easy Christmas cookie recipe using cake batter and chocolate chips with holiday sprinkles!What you’ll need:French Vanilla Cake batter (boxed)2 tablespoons of flour2 eggs1/2 cup canola oil1 cup of chocolate chips1 cup of white chocolate chips What you’ll do:Set the oven to 350 degreesCombine the batter and flour...

How to make Pickled Avocados/Fast easy way to not let your avocados not go to waste!

Hey Sweet Lifers! I have discovered a fast easy fix to those avocados that always seem to ripen before I can use them. In this episode I show you how to pickle them so they will last a little longer. Want access to all of my columns and lifestyle tips? http:/

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