“Martini Talks” with Mitja Peterman, Regional Vice President of Primerica( MONEY and WELLNESS)

Hey there Sweet Lifers! On this episode of “Martini Talks” I am with my dear friend Mitja Peterman who is a financial advisor with Primerica. He has a repertoire of various products to help you reach your financial goals.
While other financial services companies typically focus on the wealthy, Primerica serves Main Street families in neighborhoods all across North America.

We take an educational approach and offer financial tools to help our clients reach their goals. The complimentary Financial Needs Analysis asks all the right questions to identify exactly where a family is on the path to their goals, and then suggests Primerica solutions that both fit their needs and budget, and help them stay on track for those dreams.

Mitja can be reached @ 713-408-7190
email: mpeterman@primerica.com
Website: www.primerica.com/peterman

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