Sweet Life Garden/What’s growing in Houston now/ (Winter Garden Tour!) How to grow winter vegetables!

Hey there my Sweet Lifers! What’s growing in Houston now? The Sweet Life Winter Garden Tour is here with lettuces, turnips, kale,spinach,peppers,brocoli, and cabbages! I planted these in the fall and they have grown to great heights providing a sustainable resource from my yard to my table! You can too! The use of the ancient herb RUE interspersed in the beds has helped to curb that pesky moth from laying her eggs and eating holes all over the leaves. Microlife nutrients added to the soil has created a beautifully balanced biological system to provide the perfect environment for optimal growth. The correct balance of sand and compost and soil from Sienna mulch (THANK YOU MY FRIEND) has given life to each fall crop. Gardening is not difficult when you provide the plants with what they need to flourish and protect them from things that can harm them naturally. Kinda like raising babies!

For those of you who have been reading my column for years “Living the Sweet Life” it should come as no surprise that in all things we do we have choices. My philosophy in life is to live a “Sweet” one and to create a beautiful home and garden to share with your family and friends. I love being able to share with you recipes from my garden to table and you’ll find in the Sweet Life Kitchen episodes some deliciousness for you to enjoy.

As we go into the spring we will be so busy! Seedlings have already started to pop for heirloom tomatoes varieties and then there’ll be squash blossoms to fry up! I am delighted for you to follow along and to help you create a “Sweet Life Garden” all your own!

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any advice as I want be a resource for you to live a healthy and “Sweet LIFE!”

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