Drab 2 Fab! /How to make a designer pillow in minutes/DIYValentines (Designer looks for less)

Hey there Sweet Lifers! Drab 2 Fab! Making a designer pillow to take your front door to a new level! A long time ago my mother in law showed me some magic could be made with some ribbons and a glue gun! In this episode I show you just how simple you can create a designer pillow in minutes and at half the cost! Each season I purchase covers for my outdoor pillows and upscale them by adding trim, ribbons, beads… really whatever I have lying around in my doo dah’s department over here in my house. It makes all the difference in the world as a welcome, well nobody soon but hopefully in the near future, our friends into our homes. (if you’re reading this that was just to make sure you were lol) As an aside… I used to write something silly into my papers in college just to see if the professor was actually reading every word that I had worked so hard to write!

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