EASY DIY Pumpkin/Fall Floral Decor with Alisa Murray and Micheal Segura

Hey Sweet Lifers! I am with my dearest friend Micheal Segura who is a decorator and designer at Craftex. He has been throwing sprays and making ribbons turn into beautiful bows for years and together we show you how to make a simple pumpkin table craft for fall. His floral arrangements are simply to die for and he and I made everything for my daughters wedding 4 years ago.
What you’ll need:
Pumpkin ( we used a plastic one but you could certainly use a real one)
Sprays for fall such as
leaves, flowers, succulents and nuts
wired ribbons in two complimentary patterns
floral wire
hot glue gun

Assemble the sprays into the pumpkin by either drilling holes or punching one into the top in a circular pattern using a screwdriver. Glue the sprays and shove into the holes. Add in ribbons and you have a gorgeous fall display for your home or an easy hostess gift!

Micheal Segura, Designer Decorator

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