How to get rid of the leaf footed nymph and What is destroying my garden? It’s Killing Season!

In this episode Alisa discovers what has been eating her tomatoes, sucking the water out of all of her hard work! It’s the stink bug and her babies, the leaf footed nymph’s. The egg plants are hard, the tomatoes too and the melons destroyed! What to do? Alisa shows you how to use Take Down to rid the garden of these little monsters.

When I discovered these bugs in my garden they were on the tomatoes. There were very few there and I lightly sprayed a concentrate of neem oil with a little soap. A few weeks later I found large quantities on the melons, hopping around my egg plants and when I went to pick the melons and the tomatoes they had a strange discoloration and were hard like marbles. From my research these are the stink bug babies, named the feather footed nymphs and they are known to take down a tomato according to a fellow YouTube in a matter of hours. This explains why my larger tomatoes were disappearing entirely. I contacted my friend Ashley at Sienna Mulch where I get all off my gardening supplies and we together decided to us a product called “Take Down.” It has a concentration of canola oil and pyrethrins. When diluted they are safe for the garden. I mixed 16 tablespoons to two 1 gallon and lightly sprayed everywhere and heavily sprayed the plants most affected.
Glad to report that they are gone and my tomatoes and melons are now happily doing what they do which is grow sweetly and organically in the Sweet Life Garden!

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