Martini Talks with Jane Shapiro, How to make sure YOUR FUNERAL is PERFECT!/How to plan a funeral!

Hey Sweet Lifer’s! How to plan your funeral perfectly takes a little planning and it is so important. Jane and I discuss how she as an executive planner and advisor helps families and individuals prepare their services and create a beautiful service that reflects each unique person. She takes the stress out of deciding things such as what will be said and by who, even assisting with getting all the necessary papers into a folder where the will and last wishes are kept. When a loved one dies it is the mourning that should be a ficus not making decisions about a service and the necessary items related to a burial. What’s more…I feel like each person has a legacy and YOU are the best person to make sure what you want to have said and be remembered for happens accordingly. I emphasize that we spend so much time planning for the arrival of a baby and our society still has a dread of the inevitable mentality when it comes to preparing for our exits! Houston Jewish Funerals & Distinctive Life eases that stress and makes getting prepared doable, stress free and gives you peace of mind. They offer full consulting and preparedness for both the Jewish and Secular community.

To contact Jane Shapiro go here: Web is, Facebook is Distinctive Life Funeral Homes,, Facebook is Houston and Dallas Jewish Funerals

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