Martini Talks PODCAST with Sonya Brazeal Amazing Window Cleaners!

In this episode my friend of nearly 20 years, Sonya Brazeal come for a “Martini Talk” where we share and reflect over many topics from arranging a marriage for my son and years of friendship to the most important focus of my show…how we are all pivoting into our passions and shifting during this unprecedented time. Sonya has been in the airline industry as has her husband for many many years and they both recognized early that they needed to make some changes. As employees for years it’s always very daunting to “just launch” a new business and become the opposite…that of an entrepreneur. From my perspective, I come from the opposite place. I have always been an entrepreneur. I launched my first company in my twenties and built a million dollar photography business from home. I have always worked form home and during our conversation hopefully I have given herald YOU some insights and inspiration to push forward with her new endeavors.  I just love being in charge and that has always been a driving force in all of my companies. She is going to do great and has the BIGGEST HEART! One of my best and dearest friends and new company Amazing Window Cleaners is dedicated to providing a personalized and customer driven service for both residential and commercial clients. She offers discounts for Veterans and the elderly and with her attitude and hands on approach to serving her community I am sure they will be a great success!  Please support LOCAL and SMALL Businesses! We are the backbone of our communities and need all the support we can get!  You can reach her at 936-249-2100 Gutter Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Window Cleaning
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