2 Chefs in the Kitchen: Braised Edition(How to make Oxtails and Artichoke pie) Cook like a Pro/Y2T

Hey there Sweet Lifers! Carlos Wallace of 7 Seeds Texas BBQ and I are cooking up another round of deliciousness with his braised oxtails and short ribs and my artichoke pies! In this episode he shows you step by step how to make his oxtails and ribs using wine and braised vegetables. I show you three recipes… first my cabbage crunchy casserole…speaking of a “roll” did you see last week’s all about cabbage strudel? Carlos is always mesmerized with what I can do with a cabbage! LOL I then show you how to make Nana’s mac and cheese with ham hocks and jalapeño! Last but not least I show you how to make an artichoke pie that’s so versatile you could eat it for lunch with a soup or roasted beet and goat cheese salad…or a bowl of homemade gazpacho or tomatoes basil soup…it could even be added as a perfect side to a holiday meal and dressed up, as we show you for a party look that’s sure to impress any guest! We look forward to having you into the kitchen and hope you enjoy our show:)

Carl has Seven Seeds Texas BBQ and can be reached here: Call him 832-247-4763

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