How to make and Water Bath Can Cranberry Applesauce/Easy Thanksgiving recipes and holiday gifts too!

Hey Sweet Lifers! Here’s how to make homemade cranberry applesauce. This is an easy recipes for adding extra delight to your ice cream sundae, perhaps as a drizzle over some grilled pears with prosciutto and of course something a little different for Thanksgiving too! It’s a great way to use up the apples that need to be eaten and they make especially nice gifts. We also start discussing how to harvest the seeds and plant them to create an apple orchard in your backyard!

What you’ll need:
9 apples peeled, cored and sliced
1 bag of frozen cranberries
4 cups of water
Prepare your jars accordingly with sterilized lids and tops and keep them warm for filling
=/- 1 tablespoon of cinnamon
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
3 1/2 cups of sugar

What you’ll do:
Slice the apples and add the cranberries to a pot and cook down internidently adding water for about 45 mins
When the berries have all popped and the apples cooked down then take off the stove and Add the spices and lemon juice, sugar and then emulsify making apple sauce!
Then pour into the jars leaving ample headspace and place in boiling water for 30 minutes
then use your specialty canning tings and set onto a towel separated until cool and then they are to be checked to make sure they are sealed. If you can hear a pop when pushing down on the lid they are still good to eat but must be refrigerated. If sealed they go to the pantry or… in the best of cases given as gifts with some cookies and homemade bread to your friends and family for the holidays!

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