How to make LEFTOVERS gourmet!(Prime Rib+Garden+rice=chili, rice bowls,frito pie and strudel!)

Hey there Sweet Lifers! Carl and I are cooking up some goodness in the Sweet Life Kitchen! As promised we showed you what to do with our leftovers. I had some prime rib and ground beef and he had some rice. We went to the garden and harvested some kale and greens and a cabbage and then we made several dishes to transform the leftovers.
We made his grandmother’s homemade cornbread that is the base for that stuffing from heaven he makes at Thanksgiving which ya’ll know I just rave about. He took the prime rib and ground beef and made an elevated chili. He then took his rice and made a chili bowl topping it with the greens and leftover ingredients from the strudel and drizzling it with his Seven Seeds Sauce. I even had my first “Frito Pie!” I turned the cabbage into a delightful strudel drizzling his sauce on that as well and wonders cease to amaze me….. Brian actually ate it and said “wow” that is cabbage that I Like! So a WIN!!!

Our Show: “Just two friends in the Sweet Life KItchen sharing what we know” is a collaboration between Carl Wallace of Seven Seeds Texas BBQ and Alisa Murray, Living the Sweet Life.

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