Love Where You Live!

I am crazy about patterns and recently I attended a Cabi party where the mixture of stripes and florals was all the rage. It is interesting just how much influence there is between the different sectors of art and architecture and interior design and what’s trending in fashion. There’s almost always a cross-over between the different sectors each season. This spring, especially we have many cool options to both enjoy in our homes but to literally wear the art that’s hot right now.

The trends in home design that are the most current are marbleized woods and walls along with confetti countertops. We are seeing this in both fashion by the way of tops and skirts to plates and wall art and even more commitment places such as full on countertops. Pale blue gray is a beautiful trend in both color for the walls but it is also a nice departure from the usual suspects of black/white/grey as a skirt or a pullover in our wardrobes. Scarfs with animal motifs are also a recurring theme in the latest and my favorite of all…wallpaper! Can we say FABULOUS!!! 

Pops of color in unexpected hues of bold greens or spicy oranges are also making a statement in libraries, dens and playrooms. It’s the same in fashion as I fell in love with that bright yellow pair of mules and when I wear it with a neutral palate…oh la la… that yellow pulls the whole ensemble together! Also trending are accessories with faces on them. Last session we were using a hand or a animal bust in a very sculptural and neutral kinda way. Now I am using some fantastic funky cat pillows that looks like my sweet William. For my dog lovers I have found something similar and I can even get customized pillows made with your actual pets and children’s pics! 

One thing’s for sure… no-one worth their salt in design today is going to leave you with a boring white house or without a conversation piece for you and your guests! There’s simple too many opportunities to make your home about you and the things that mean the most to you. Luckily for the crossover between fashion and interior design, you’ll be just as stunning as the home in which you reside! Creating beautiful spaces that are unforgettably YOU is what I do and I just love it!

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