Living the Sweet Life   Leaning In and Learning

        Lean in and let the cultivation for knowledge begin!                       August 2023

  Hey my Sweet Lifers! Tis the season to cultivate and learn. I smell the inside of books and spilling ink as we roll into August and see another bunch of wildly intelligent younglings begin another semester of discovery. It’s one of my favorite times in each year because it is so full of possibility!  

This August there will be two full time students in my house exploring in the sea of subjects just waiting to be absorbed. My son has a hankering to learn about economics and business and I of course am rounding out my Masters program as August makes my one year anniversary in seminary.  It has been a year of learning so much! 

In going back to university I had forgotten how much I loved it. Loved the reading…the opportunity to discover new things; and then there’s my most favorite of all…the writing! (No surprise to you guys, my sweet lifers who have been reading my writing for so long) James has gotten a taste of what the experience is like as he has watched me as a student for the first time and I think the idea to study something, anything really has rubbed off onto him. I am excited to have us both up to our eyeballs in books. 

As many of you know, and I have well documented my thoughts regarding these things in countless columns over the years, I have always admired Leonardo da Vinci. The ability to pack into one’s life so many different subjects and interests is well…. Very sweet indeed. And ya’ll know that I have been mentoring young folks taking their first steps out of the nest so to speak on what they want to be when they grow up. Truthfully I have encouraged them to make a list of stuff they love to do. Back in my days of stepping out Daddy wanted either two things to happen. I was to go get a law degree and  kick some butt or marry well and be the best stay at home mommy that a stay at home mommy could be. These days though I am guiding the younger ones with an experienced background in grit, perseverance and solid communication with God. These gifts He has given us are a clear path as to the directions we are to go. 

Gifts are given to each person and for so many not just one! That’s why I think it is sometimes difficult to decide what to do with oneself. I am sure Leonardo felt that way and that is why he did so many things…tapping into art and architecture and engineering and more. So when James asked about French culinary cooking and a few days later started up a conversation on Thomas Aquinas and then expressed how cool it would be to serve others as a physician; well I just encouraged him to try it all! I told him as I am an example for any of you who might be tinkering with their calling…gifts have seasons. I have been many things and will become many more in this life. What matters the most is that we all find cultivate and use our gifts to create our unique  calling and through that we touch people’s lives. I assure you God handles the rest!   

Take Care of You and Stay “sweet!” 

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