Harvesting Prickly Pear Seeds for the Sweet Life Garden

How to harvest the seeds from a prickly pear! I am hoping to grow this very fabulous fruit in the sweet life garden and show you how to pull out theses and then dry them so they can be planted.
Some fun Facts about the Prickly Pear~
Did you know?….
The prickly Pear grows atop the Nopales Cacti and the plants are also part of many popular dishes in Mexico. They are a perfect crop to grow in hot climates…because they are a cactus!
This fruit is pretty amazing and it’s kinda shocking what little recipes are available for it. (Check out my Nana’s pound cake recipe where I add it in for extra oomph). It has antioxidants and is also anti-inflammatory making it a great addition to your regimen of immune boosts.The fruit contains amino acids, vitamins B and C, beta-carotene, calcium, iron, and potassium, which for me is excellent since the only fruit I really can not stand is a banana and because of this I am always looking to boost my potassium. The prickly pear, aids in so many health benefits including its ability to lower cholesterol, fight cancer cells and lower the risk of diabetes making it in my opinion a wonder fruit we all should utilize more in our daily diets!

Harvesting the fruit seeds are simply accomplished by cutting the fruit when ripe in half and scooping out the seeds onto a dry paper towel. Separate them from their pulp by washing them and then allow them to dry. Trying to plant them with their pulp will result in molding and not germination. Once they are cleaned and dry you simply place in a well drained and a bit sandy compost mixture until germinated and then once they are about 5 inches tall out to a pot on the patio. After they have gotten stronger and taller they can be planted into the garden, but be careful where you place them as they have a tendency like bananas to be very prolific and they are a cactus that you’ll want to keep maintained so as not to take over your yard!

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