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Hey there Sweet Lifers! Let’s make an infused vodka using Buddha’s Hand! It is a beautifully fragranced concoction of this lovely fruit. The Buddha’s Hand is a lemon and lavender fruit with very little pit. It’s unusual shape, that resembling a hand, has been used for centuries to fragrance houses and temples and in many cultures is a sign of happiness and longevity.

It is believed to have originated in India and been brought to China by Buddhist monks. The fruit has long been prized in East Asia and can be found in many if not most of our local markets that carry more unusual fruits.

Rather expensive , locally it will cost you around $6.00 a pound and one will give you a lot of great recipes. Although pricey, it is long lasting. It can be used in any recipe that calls for lemon or lemon zest and adds a lighter lemony taste than a regular lemon. It is citrus of course, and as such lends itself to being used for vinaigrette’s, infusions and simple syrups. It can be cooked down and candied to make an enjoyable treat as well. Here I show you how to make an infused vodka that can be added to any cocktail that needs a subtle kick of lemon!

What you’ll need:
1 Buddha’s Hand
1 quart size cleaned jar with a tight fitting lid
Your very best vodka, I use Tito’s as that is my vodka of preference for all things

What you’ll do:
Slice the “fingers” of the Buddha’s hand into small slivers and pack into a clean jar.
Pour the Tito’s over the fruit until the jar is full. Put the lid on the jar and store in a dark cool place such as your pantry. Every few weeks shake the infusion until you get the correct amount of lemony and lavender taste you prefer. Once achieved, strain out the fruit and store indefinitely in your libations cabinet. This also makes a great gift when paired with my candied Buddha’s Hand candy and some nuts and cheese!

Live your Sweet Life!

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