May the 4th be with you…This is the Way

Hey my Sweet Lifer’s! Today is a day for all of us Star Wars™ fans to celebrate not only the actual movies that have captured our hearts and entertained millions over the years but to fully embrace what the series really means. It is about good vs. bad… right vs.wrong… evil not winning over and honing into the gifts that “The Force” has given each of us. I call that Force God and irregardless of what you believe Higher Power, God etc. The concept transfers seamlessly throughout to stay strong, be watchful and discover who you are and are created to be. Let me be clear. I am a Jedi. I am more deeply “connected” to my God , faithfully and hopeful each day for signs to acknowledge I am staying the course specifically designed by Him for my life. I am also packed to the brink full of patience, one of Aristotle’s virtues for having a “good life.” Quietly and prayerfully I am pivoting deeper into everything that I hold dear over here on my little patch of this earth. Each day begins with another beautiful morning to listen to the birds singing and an afternoon filled with opportunity to touch lives either by an encounter with another human placed on my path to inspire or via social to lift up. Nothing in life happens by chance. Everyone that you meet has been placed to help you, love you, teach you or test you.

It goes without stating that there is also a tremendous correlation between “May the force be with you” and “Peace be with you.” By saying “Peace be with you” what we are really saying is I am here for you, I am supporting you in your walk, I am forgiving you, I want everything for you that God has destined and I love you as a fellow human. It is as the disciples (also fellow Jedi) taught to LOVE. Love with a pure heart and without wanting anything in return. Give your gifts to everyone and come to the complete understand that the life you have been given is to give. It’s amazing the peace that will surround your soul once you surrender to just loving one another. My fellow humans, to quote another installment in the Star Wars™ collection, “This is the way!”

Stay “Sweet!”


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