Sweet Life Kitchen/ Making Chocolate Martini’s with Santa Claus!(How to make a chocolate martini)

Hey there my Sweet Lifers! Well Santa stopped by as I am one of his HEAD Elves and had some christmas cookies and we made a chocolate martini before stepping into our “Martini Talk!” Here’s how to make a chocolate martini real fast!
You’ll need:
Martini Glasses
Your favorite Vodka
Your favorite Chocolate liquor ( I always use Titos and Godiva)
You’ll do:
Take the ice and place in the glasses and then layer vodka then chocolate liquor and then a splash of vodka
You can dip the rims of glassware in a paper towel soaked in water and then push them into some sugar or sprinkles to rim the glasses and make them festive!

Martini Talks Episode can be watched here: https://youtu.be/SyxkBH_YMWE

Live your Sweet Life!

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