Top Ten Things to do in February

  1. In the garden… you can start planting strawberries and start seedlings for tomatoes. I  like to start these in ice cream cones in the porch and then when it gets a little warmer just pop the whole thing into the garden. The cone’s make a small perfect pot and they are biodegradable.

2.  For your health…schedule yourself a check up. Get an overall physical and a stress test. It’s a great start to make sure you stay healthy and there’s no better time than the present. 

3.  In the  house… go through all your bags, book bags and suit cases. The last trip I took the zipper broke and the wheel got busted making it next to impossible to reuse. I have and I am sure you do as well bags and pocket books that I have never used for whatever reason and these items should be donated or discarded in the ultimate decluttering campaign around your house. Now is also a great time to purchase new suitcases since spring break is right around the corner. 

4. Commit to trying at least two vegetarian meals per week. I put portobello mushrooms into scrambled eggs and use them as the base for mini pizzas. Using hearty veggies like egg plants and mushrooms as meat substitutes I have found are received with less push back from my family. It’s healthier and worth a try! 

5. On my nightside table now is “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse” by Charlie Mackesy and “The Ten Thousand Doors of January” by Alix E. Harrow. 

6. Spend a little time in your closet and ask two of your closest friends to do the same. Each of you make a pile of clothes that you have not worn in the last two years. Chances are that they will not be worn this one either! After gathering clothes that you don’t wear, set a date with your girlfriends and have them bring over their clothes, shoes, pocket books etc and have swapping party. Plus to this? Not only do you get some new stuff to try but if the chance happens that you miss something you can always re-borrow it back from your friends! 

7.Now is the time to start looking at summer camps and start making plans for activities for the children during the summer months. One great giving idea is to prepay for a child that may not be able to afford a summer camp. You can contact the school or organization and when you are booking for your own family you can gift for another. Let the children in on this and perhaps they can participate by using part of their allowance too. It is never too early to teach philanthropy. 

8. Each child in your family has different interests and creating a special time just for them makes them feel special and also gives you a chance to connect one on one. If one child likes to bowl, how about starting a tradition that on the second Saturday night of every month it is bowling night? Say a child likes to bake? Create a fun Pinterest board of recipes that they would like to ry and set aside a special time to teach them in the kitchen.

9. It’t time again to schedule the fur babies check ups too! Before it gets too hot book them into a pooch spa and get everyone cleaned, bathed and shots updated so they are all set for the year! 

10. As always, create a dinnertime that does not involve electronics. I have a basket that everyone drops off all of that stuff and the time we eat is a time for fellowship, mindfulness and connectedness. 

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