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Today’s daily is all about work. When we work in a job that we love and are perfectly aligned to the way we spend our day then we are in our best place to shine in the Glory of our Lord. Each of us have special gifts and those gifts are meant to be discovered and then shared… that is essentially the way to finding your purpose in life.

Today’s affirmation comes from Louise Hay: “I affirm that my job is to express GOD. I rejoice in this employment and give thanks for every opportunity to demonstrate the power of my Lord to work through me. Anytime that I am presented with a challenge, I know that it is an opportunity from God, and I quiet my mind and wait for positive words to fill my mind. I know when I hear those words it is the Holy Spirit guiding me. I accept these blessed revelations with joy and know that I am worthy of my just reward for a job well done.

Alisa Murray’s Living the Sweet Life : The Daily Dose

Alisa Murray’s Living the Sweet Life | Little Sweet Thoughts | #alisamurray

Happy Friday to all! Today I found something that is beautiful and sweet from one of my favorite magazines! BellaGrace! Hope to one day write for them regularly… Their Motto is seamlessly aligned with mine which is why we’d make a perfect fit! “We Believe: An Ordinary Life can be extraordinary,there is beauty in IMPERFECTION,and that Magic can be found in the everyday.” Amen 🙂

Alisa Murray’s Living the Sweet Life | January 2017| Hello again January! You my friend are in the HOT seat!

Living the Sweet Life January 2017

Hello Again January! You my friend, are in the HOT seat!
Well my darlings! It’s finally here! Another New Year and I don’t think I could be more happier than I am right now. Last year was filled with so many things…very few good and lots of very very bad. Thus leaving me anticipating 2017 for quite some time. Why is it that January always puts us into that frame of mind? For sure…there’s the changing of the actual year which encourages CHANGE. With anything new, especially a whole year before us we always seem to want to challenge ourselves which then leads us to those pesky resolutions we try to bother with. I though have decided that January marks a new beginning. I’ll not be making lots of crazy goals that I will then have to lament come mid year about having not accomplished… nope.. not this ole’ Auntie A! This year I am going to BREATHE!
I am going to spend less time doing and lot’s of time thinking. I am going to enjoy each day as if it were my very last. I am not going to one thing about my weight or pressure myself to exercise. And…if that notion, a far off notion that it surely is; were to strike then I guess yes I reckon I might have to STRETCH!
I am going to write and take note of all around me. I am going to make the decision to be unavailable for 30 whole days in a row! God only knows what mischief I will get into! I am going to access every room in my house and remove everything that no longer suits me. As my “stuff” piles high, I will scoot it closer to the door and then I will KICK it out! I promise.
After all I will be turning 47 next month and there’s my first book coming out too. It’s time to be in my moments and enjoying each one of them. Children are growing and soon they will be GONE!
So January…I think I may have accidentally done what I had hoped I wouldn’t do to you! Yes, I ahem…I just made some crazy goals and yes I will be frazzled come June if they are not either finished or well on that way. It’s called LIVING! Those that move forward have to in order to ACCOMPLISH! I am truly sorry dear January.. You are definitely in the HOT seat!

Hope each of Ya’ll have a Wonderful January!
Take Care of YOU!

Alisa Murray’s Award winning column | July 2016 |Living the Sweet Life : Lazy days of Summertime!

IMG_9071July is possible the laziest month of the entire year and for great reason. It’s the only month that none of us has to really do anything…except of course work. Children are out for the summer and unlike June where it’s a scramble to finish strong with their classes or August where we are gathering new school supplies and checking to see how many inches they grew over the summer out of their clothes, July seems just really perfect for family time.

July is my favorite time to have family cook outs and invite friends over for an impromptu gathering. It’s well known that I love to cook, I always prepare plenty so that when suppertime rolls around I am ready for one of my friends or the children’s to drop in and join us! Some of my recipes have become their favorites and they will text me and specifically ask for me to make this or that. Probably the most popular during the summer months are my smoked salmon (where people actually go buy the fish and bring it to me to prepare!), cucumber salad, Dorito casserole, and pulled pork BBQ with slaw.

The garden this year has gone wild…and I mean that literally. Featured on the cover this month, both Fernando and Ron were surprised at just how much “good stuff” I was able to grow beside the pool and amongst the rose bushes! It’s a garden that my ancestors, who were farmers would surely roll their eyes about but it serves the purpose… so it can’t be that bad! Its LOL
There’s every herb you’d ever need and I can not tell you how much better things taste if you’d use fresh herbs. It’s like night and day. I also have various peppers, squash,lettuce,beets, carrots,cabbage,spinach,eggplant,cucumbers,corn,blackberries,strawberries,and tomatoes. I have become the expert salsa maker and each week I make a fresh batch for almost every meal. The leftover salsa gets dumped into my bean soup that I make every Sunday.

Quite a few of my friends read my column and when we started talking about this upcoming July edition they asked me to share a recipe… some of which I’d like to keep secret so they still drop by! I think the salsa recipe is so versatile and can be used for everything so here’s mine and I’ll tell you in advance I measure nothing. I cook like I shoot..from my heart and guts and when I get that “feeling” then I know it’s right. I remember Nana cooking and it was exactly the same…a pinch of this and a dollop of that… you’d have to watch her to understand that terminology but that’s part of it..isn’t it? The making of great things that bring back childhood is mot always measured…it happens organically and from our souls!

Here’s you a little salsa that will always treat you right whether on a chip, in a soup or used to brine a turkey overnight!
Auntie A’s Famous and Versatile Salsa
6 large tomatoes
6 medium tomatillos
4 Bell peppers GREEN
1 very large purple onion
1 jalapeno pepper
Handful of Cilantro
1/3 cup of minced garlic
Handful of salt and pepper and a pinch of sugar
Avocado oil

Boil all of this until soft. Transfer to blender and puree everything being careful not to use too much of the liquid so your salsa ends up the right consistency. Pour into Mason Jars and place in refrigerator once the jar is cool to touch.

This summer I am going to try for the first time to learn to can things. I remember Nana and Granny doing this but it seems hard…I hope not! I have more tomatoes that I know what I’m going to do with and since I can not imagine starting a salsa company, it seems like the only solution to my problem! Wish me luck!
Have a wonderful month of slowing down…sipping tea and playing with your children and friends!
Take Care of YOU!

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I hate to throw anything good away… so here’s what to do with that extra liquids from your salsa! Go back to the garden and pick a handful of basil and oregano fresh. Add that to the leftover liquid from the salsa and add back to it four more large tomatoes. Add more water and boil again until the newly added veggies and herbs are soft. Once they are soft, take all of that and puree with all the liquids in the pan and now you have homemade Tomato Basil Soup! Topped with fishily grated parmesan cheese and a swirl of fresh heavy cream and there’s another meal with zero leftovers from your garden!