Alisa Murray’s Living the Sweet Life | January 2017| Hello again January! You my friend are in the HOT seat!

Living the Sweet Life January 2017

Hello Again January! You my friend, are in the HOT seat!
Well my darlings! It’s finally here! Another New Year and I don’t think I could be more happier than I am right now. Last year was filled with so many things…very few good and lots of very very bad. Thus leaving me anticipating 2017 for quite some time. Why is it that January always puts us into that frame of mind? For sure…there’s the changing of the actual year which encourages CHANGE. With anything new, especially a whole year before us we always seem to want to challenge ourselves which then leads us to those pesky resolutions we try to bother with. I though have decided that January marks a new beginning. I’ll not be making lots of crazy goals that I will then have to lament come mid year about having not accomplished… nope.. not this ole’ Auntie A! This year I am going to BREATHE!
I am going to spend less time doing and lot’s of time thinking. I am going to enjoy each day as if it were my very last. I am not going to one thing about my weight or pressure myself to exercise. And…if that notion, a far off notion that it surely is; were to strike then I guess yes I reckon I might have to STRETCH!
I am going to write and take note of all around me. I am going to make the decision to be unavailable for 30 whole days in a row! God only knows what mischief I will get into! I am going to access every room in my house and remove everything that no longer suits me. As my “stuff” piles high, I will scoot it closer to the door and then I will KICK it out! I promise.
After all I will be turning 47 next month and there’s my first book coming out too. It’s time to be in my moments and enjoying each one of them. Children are growing and soon they will be GONE!
So January…I think I may have accidentally done what I had hoped I wouldn’t do to you! Yes, I ahem…I just made some crazy goals and yes I will be frazzled come June if they are not either finished or well on that way. It’s called LIVING! Those that move forward have to in order to ACCOMPLISH! I am truly sorry dear January.. You are definitely in the HOT seat!

Hope each of Ya’ll have a Wonderful January!
Take Care of YOU!

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