Cranberry and Orange Jam with Cinnamon

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Bring your ingredients up to a boil and let those cranberries “pop!”

You’ll need: 1 Large bag of cranberries fresh as can be

16 tiny tangerines or 4 large oranges cut with peels still on cut into pieces

5 cups of sugar and maybe more to taste

3 sticks of cinnamon

1 packet of pectin

Several jars with lids for storing in the refrigerator

This is one of my favorites to make during the winter months when the stores have the freshest cranberries is this jam. Friends line up to receive it and ask me to make it year after year! I like to chop up roasted turkey and chunks of brie cheese and make little bites of goodness by stacking first the brie, then some turkey and topping it with this jam. It’s like bringing back Thanksgiving in one little bite! You could also start with a ritz cracker if you are not gluten free! Here’s how you make it:)
In a large pot place the cranberries, oranges, cinnamon, sugar and enough water to be about an inch in the pot. Boil and stir frequently until the cranberries pop and the oranges swelter and you have a soupy and frothy mix. Take a spoon and pull out a small tasting sample of your mixture. BE CAREFUL because it is very hot and will burn your mouth. Check it for sweetness as cranberries are sometimes sour and each fresh batch has to be tested to see if you need to add a little more sugar. If you do then put in another cup or whatever to taste. Then add the pectin package and stir into the mix and turn off the heat. Fish out the oranges and cinnamon. Line up the jelly jars and lids and using a soup ladle and a funnel fill the jars. I do not pressurize this recipe because it has always been gone so fast that the jars have never needed to be stored on the shelf! They go right into the refrigerator and are kept cold until giving them away and each friend knows they have to keep them in their refrigerator too. ( If you are going to store outside you must pressurize them though so they are safe and shelf stable). I usually get 15 jars from this recipe and that equals 10 gifts and 5 that stay in my house! LOL 

This one batch made all of this!

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