Top Ten Things to do in February!

  1. Take your “green” thumb to a new level by using cut in half toilet paper rolls with paper towels in the bottom, fill up with moisture rich potting soil and start seedlings in a warm place to go directly into the garden next month. 
  2. Buy a bouquet of fresh flowers and display them in a tablescape that brings the outdoors in! 
  3. Go through all the medicine cabinets. Gather anything expired and dispose of properly. Inventory the non-medical items and make sure to restock up on masks, shampoo, soaps and salts. 
  4. Go through your friends list and make sure to write their birthdays into your calendar. This will make it easy for you to drop them a nice card to let them know how much you love them! 
  5. Plan an amazing Spring Break. Think about going somewhere you have never been to before. The World is your OYSTER, my dears and I have just finished learning all about Kenya. What could be more memorable than Giraffe Manor and feeding baby elephants? 
  6. On my nightside table now “Feeding You Lies” by Vani Hari and “In the Company of Women” by Grace Bonney and The Holy Bible.
  7. Go through your February-April home decor and see if there’s anything that is broken to fix or give away or trash. Keep an area in your attic that has decorations there exclusively so that you can seamlessly move in between seasons and enjoy your home more in 2019.
  8. Make a point to try a new recipe each week and secretly make it vegetarian. This family members will never know that they aren’t really eating meats with so many great options out there. You will be both creative and healthier in no time!
  9. Take the children to the zoo with sketch pads and pens. Have them leave their devises in the trunk and spend two hours in the sun soaking up Vitamn D and drawing their favorite animals. 
  10. Keep those sketches and tiny masterpieces in a safe folder and by the end of year you’ll have enough art to create a full calendar to make and give as gifts to the grands! They’ll love it and the kids will too!

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