Tasty Tempura Prawns with Mixed Vegetables

One of the hardest decisions we face when we go to a sushi restaurant is whether to also order the tempura. It is so tasty and for years I was a little hesitant to try to make it at home. I discovered that it’s so easy to do and I make it regularly as an after school snack so when we go out to eat we only order sushi! LOL 
You’ll Need: 2 boxes of Tempura Batter 1 small can of soda water Pan with 2” cooking oil hotFresh Prawns shelled and deveined Cut asparagus, zucchini, sweet potato, onion, red bell peppersDipping sauce of your choice
In a bowl take the tempura batter and pour in the soda waterDip the veggies into the batter and drop into the oil, let it bounce there for a minute and flip, once brown, scoop onto a paper towel to drainRepeat til all veggies have been tempura’d and then do your prawns so they are nice and hot! 
Finish by adding a ponzu sauce, soy or a dipping sauce of your choice

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