ALISA MURRAY’S THE GLOBETROTTER: What’s Trending in Travel….. Pets on board!

Black mutt dog posing on the beach with colorful cocktail.

Post pandemic, not surprisingly many things have changed both in how we travel as well as the industry as a whole. The need to understand the protocols per country and in some cases stateside are obvious to anyone who desires to grab a bag and head out on an adventure. It’s been interesting to be a part of the travel industry during a pandemic and thankfully I have been able to advert aggravation form my clients. The reality is the rules are changing constantly and we are all in un-chartered territory.
What I can tell you is there’s a tremendous misconception that using a travel professional somehow will “cost a fee.” I encounter questions all the time about how I get paid, and what exactly I can do for them. More now than ever really, the choice of not using a travel professional has left many with lost hopes and down a rabbit hole so to speak waiting and wondering if they will ever get their money back. I can tell you that being in the thick of things I have my pulse on where and what is open and who has done their due diligence in providing the safest protocols for a pleasurable and worry-free vacation. What’s more the suppliers of travel are the one’s that pay the travel advisors. NOT YOU. They depend on us to fully educate ourselves with their brand and to correctly align our clients with the experiences that they provide. This symbiotic relationship is vital to both traveler, advisor and of course a resort etc. My last piece of advice, again for free (lol) is that you always need to buy the insurance. Always. That has saved every client I have represented every time. So whether you are going it alone or using a travel professional please do get insured. 
Now for the fun stuff… most recently I have seen an increase in requests for accommodations that include the family pet. It comes as no surprise as during the pandemic more of us adopted a new fur baby and according to via, “93% of people said their ‘pandemic pet’ improved their mental and/or physical wellbeing in the last year and over 80% said it made working from home and being at home during the pandemic more enjoyable.”  The resorts are listening and have met the challenge by providing a host of new experiences for both you and your fur babies. They are offering everything from toys and custom-baked treats to spa treatments and entertainment! In South Carolina, The Montage Palmetto Bluff has a “canine ambassador” named Cauley who greets his new furry friends and sets the stage for what is sure to be a grand adventure. In room you’ll find a fully prepared menu for your dog and if you decide to dine in one of their eight experiences there’s a fur baby sitter to keep him or her entertained while you are away. At the Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa in NY your feline companion will dine on freshly baked biscuits made onsite at the bakery and enjoy a cattacino for breakfast. Some resorts offer personalized bedding and turn down services for the discriminating client that wants their fur baby to feel as pampered as they do while off and away! Probably the most awesome to me as the cat mom to three strays (for the record all of our fur babies have arrived on their own and been met with open and very spoiling arms), is the Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. There they provide exemplary accommodations for their furry guests including the above mentioned but with a cool twist. They give a temporary home to dogs looking to meet their forever parent(s) and over 150 have been adopted by the human guests! Now that’s something to BARK and MEOW about! 
Keep on Traveling! 

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