The Globetrotter: Travel Trends “The Nomadic Lifestyle”

Hey there! I bet everyone is just like me thinking about their next adventure. It seems I have as much fun in the planning of a vacation for either my own family or yours as I do actually doing the vacation or getting texts and pictures from ya’ll showing me what fun you are having! With the world opening back up again it can’t be said enough we are all ready to go see new places and make new friends. What though if your way of travel was perpetual? It takes a bit of a paradigm shift but actually for many the realization that a traveling lifestyle actually is something very doable and even desired, especially for the family with young children, the young executives and the soon to retire.

An interesting new thing though has happened for many of you. Working from home has not been a thing since back in the early days of farmers where everyone worked the land and the home office was the front parlor. I have been blessed to have had my studio always at home and have never known that traffic problem, cubicle space and a traditional 9-5 job. Artist’s, author’s, entrepreneurs are all alike in that we typically work from home and we also know a lot more productivity happens when you are not having to leave and go to a traditional “work space.” The rest of the world realized this during the last year and a half and I honestly do not see it ever turning back. The expense of tall office buildings and security and new protocols for safety almost surely loose their battle when compared to the new work space filled with  productivity and revenue where businesses that can now zoom a conference call and save money. This shift has allowed us to rethink our lifestyles and how we actually want to live and where. I have seen a dramatic shift in the way people are choosing to live like a vacation rather than to save up and actually go on one once a year or so.

Domestic ginger cat acts as human working on laptop computer on rustic wood grunge flat lay background with tropical leaves Monstera, Panama hat and retro style camera, freelance work and digital nomad concepts.

Consequently, this has created a new type of traveler, we in the industry call it the “nomadic lifestyle” where executives can effectively work from anywhere as long as they have a high speed internet and can choose to move around enjoying both new and entertaining places to live while working remotely from home. Many are finding a two to six month stay in a short term home rental as a new way to travel around and discover the world while also being an active employee. This is also quite the education for young executives who have small children, giving them the chance to explore destinations on their downtime with their families as a completely new way of life. It’s like being on vacation in a staycation with an ever changing destination. Imagine spending half the year on the shore and the other tucked up in the mountains? Surely your cat could get used to it after a while too I suppose. The children can have nature walks daily and so many life lessons are learned while exploring the outdoors. Not to mention those young executives just opened up a whole new pool of prospective dates! We might actually see an increase in the traditional meeting of love at first sight and a decrease in that online mumbo jumbo. Wouldn’t that be refreshing? 

Better still, for those executives that were once tied to a particular state have moved on to better areas that suit their desires for living conditions as we have seen in the mass migrations from lesser expensive states offering a cleaner, hipster if you will way of life. It’s also been a trend for those who chose to leave their 9-5 and create their own businesses. They can work their business now literally from anywhere thank you to our dearest friend, the internet. I’m not going to suggest school age children in particular tweens and young adults will dig it cause they like their peer groups, ball teams and are very much caught up in their social scenes with their friends. However, for the rest of us this seems like a very cool new trend in travel and not one that will be leaving us anytime soon. 

Keep on Traveling! 

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