Top Ten Things To Do in the Month of June

  1. Take an afternoon and go berry pickin’ so you can come home and make homemade preserves. It’s so much fun to combine unique herbs and berries to create original recipes that will become family favorites! My family loves my Lemon Blueberry Thyme and my Jalapeño Raspberry jams.
  2. Take a day or two  trip to the hill country and spend time in the sunshine or maybe rent a canoe and slowly put down one of our over 200,000 miles of Texas rivers and streams. 
  3. On my nightside table is “The Secret of the Ages” Master Code to Abundance and Achievement by Robert Collier, “Field Guide to Happiness” by Barbara Ann Kipfer and Volume 19, Number 3 “Tin House.”
  4. Start gathering egg shells, and all your organic by products making a compost for your garden. It does makes a difference in how well the plants and vegetables grow while also  staying faithful to your ecological foot print. 
  5. Volunteer to help at either a nursing home or with a youth organization with the children over this month. To find a list of places and people that need your time and concern check out your church, the YMCA or local businesses that serve the needs of people in our community.
  6. Throw a July 4th pool party for a few friends. Serve my White Chocolate and Blueberry Lasagne with a plate of fresh strawberries and enjoy a red white and blue perfect patriotic plate for you and your guests! 
  7. There are several wonderful educational programs and exhibitions at The Museum of Fine Arts this summer. Take the time to register for an art class or just spend the day hanging around with your sketch book and learn from the Masters. 
  8. Spruce up your home office with a new makeover. Paint a wall with a bright color such as a green or hot pink and accessorize with metallic desk supplies. You’ll be surprised at how something so simple can make a space so fresh! 
  9. I love planning vacations both for myself and for my clients. There’s a new space that I have been sending my peeps to that has those cute little houses out over the water. It used to be that we had to fly to Fiji and spend 20K to go experience that type of luxury, but now I have found them and at specialty pricing in in my beautiful Mexico. If you need assistance getting an amazing deal for a end of summer get away…contact me 713-598-2207 and I’ll set it up. 
  10. Try to remember to have a family meal at least a few days a week where everyone attends and all electronics are left in that basket in the den. Time together should be special so make that dinner time count! 

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