The Office Makeover

When we think about spring cleaning often we totally skip our office spaces. Whether you work at home like me or actually go to an office; our spaces that we work in often get cluttered and not so inviting to do actual work. What’s also worth noting is that we just dolt take then time to rearrange the furniture and we realize after years that that desk has not budged in years. Get busy updating your office now by moving some stuff and purchase a few key items that will bring a smile to your face while dressing it up a bit might make you inspired to do more work! Who knew??? 

First think about how long your desk and items have been sitting in their spaces. I am willing to bet that you have not moved that desk or rearranged your wall art in quite some time. We all fall into that ho hum attitude that we will get around to that someday and yet that someday never comes! If you can try to pull everything out of that room and think about painting the entire space with a cheerful color or add a splash with just one wall. Opting to faux one wall will totally change the space. 

Secondly think about your desk and chair and ask yourself if the arrangement you currently have is actually working for you. So many home offices I see have furniture just thrown in there and even the furniture looks confused. Take a few weeks to look on HOUZZ or WAYFAIR and check out the latest styles in home office furniture. You’d be surprised at how many unique options are available and I know something will jump out at you. 

Now that you have repainted the space and picked out some real cool furniture it’s time to put it all together. Instead of  throwing your stuff into the drawers, why not carefully think about what you need and anything that hasn’t been used in 6 months should either be handled or tossed? You should have space still on the actual desktop and here’s where you’ll have the most fun. Try a bright gold stapler in stead of the regular black one…or find a metallic desk pad and you’ll transform the entire space with just a few metallic accessories. What’s trending now is the use of metallic finishes in a little spot such as a phone or a bigger statement with something gold or silver in file folders, paperclips, pencils and other accessories. If you really want to dress up the room add a touch of metallic in the curtains too!

Another trend that I am implementing with my clients is the use of live plants. Not only do they clean the air and make the space healthier, they add a touch of elegance either as a tree in the corner or a small plant on your desktop. Try an orchid if you have a window in your space, a fig tree or a palm will also make a statement.

The Office Make-over is super easy to do and truthfully it’s worth taking a little time to redo once in a while. For just a quick redo opt to just add a metallic accessory and a little plant! Big changes or small each make a difference in how you’ll feel while using that space. Moving furniture or replacing it and getting a new color on the walls will not only improve the space dramatically you just might find yourself more productive as well! 

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