Top 10 things to do in October

  1. In the garden it’s time to plant trees and any other edible items like Swiss chard and peas that you have not already done. Cilantro and parsley and dill should go in now.
  2. Flowering bulbs need to be installed by end of month and adding to the composting from your kitchen will provide you with a healthy resource to feed the garden through the next several months. It’s also time to fertilize the grass readying it for colder weather.
  3. Decorate the front door and mantle with fall foliage and warm toned golden yellow or orange decorative lights. Nothing is more welcoming to a friend than a beautiful doorstep with charming seasonal jazz!
  4. On my nightside table now is “In tune with the Infinite” by Ralph Waldo Trine.
  5. Take old nail polish and unfinished ceramics and pour water into a medium sized Tupperware tote. Drizzle old nail polish into the water and then carefully dip each ceramic piece to make a unusual marbled effect. Finish off with a clear coat of paint. Stack these in a tote and use as gifts with a small cutting from your herb garden or stuff with goodies and home baked goods for teachers and neighbors.
  6. Call our local shelter or VA and sponsor family or a veteran for the holidays. Schedule and plan for their Thanksgiving and the holidays now so you have it on the calendar. If they are shut-in take the entire meal to them and spend an hour sharing with them and allowing them to share with your children their wisdom. The best way to teach children gratitude and grace is by showing them what that looks like and the holidays are no better time for this. It’s often a time when the elderly are most lonely and a little visit with a wonderful meal goes a long way in making everyone involved feel loved.
  7. Discuss with the children their wish lists as well so you can get finished early with gifts and have a more mindful and stress free season. By the end of this month all of your big items should be ordered giving you a few weeks to find and make the extras!
  8. Write a thank you note to five people who are important in your life. Tell then how much you appreciate them and plan to get together even if for an afternoon tea and crumpet to sit and share and enjoy time together.
  9. Try a new hairdo and nail shape. If you always wear red like me, try to step out of your comfort zone and switch to a fall color like a warm mauve or copper taupe.
  10. As always take time with yourself and your family. You can not be everything to the family if you are frazzled and stressed. Get a massage and get geared up for a well planned holiday before us!

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