Top 10 Things to do in September

  1. In the Garden it’s time to plant fall tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, kale and lettuce varieties. Mulch and till in manure to ensure a nutrient rich soil that will feed the plants as we go onto the cooler months.
  2. Refurbish around the pool with new annuals like petunias that like it a little cooler mixed with perennial greens tumbling off the planters will perk up the outdoor space after all the hot baking days of this summer.
  3. Clip and freeze herbs for use in soups and stews this winter. Carve out an afternoon to blanch and freeze fresh green beans, okra and corn as well.
  4. Making a batch of tomato jalapeño jams and storing them in the pantry will get you a head start for gifts this holiday.
  5. Invite the mother’s from your child’s class for a monthly collective to collaborate. You can share ideas about life and parenting and use the together time to learn more about pairing the proper wines with dishes for fall festivities and share recipes. 
  6. Go through the hall and personal closets and see if there are any outgrown outerwear that can be donated to a family or child in need. If you are so inclined purchase blankets while they are not needed with it still warm outside to give for later to our elderly community.
  7. On my nightside table now “Turtles all the way down” by John Green and “The art of racing in the rain” by Garth Stein.
  8. Time to begin thinking about your holiday style guide and I love picking up a few tips for make up trends on Pinterest. Everything is looking shimmery from eyes to cheeks to gloss and the way to make it pop is to add a bold lip to a very polished neutral face palate.
  9. Dressing the table is all important too and using fall leaves and small pumpkins makes your home feel festive. Simmer some cinnamon and cloves on the stove and get in the mood for a fabulous fall!
  10. As always keep that electronic basket right on the kitchen counter and make sure family time is sacred sharing time! 

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