The top ten manners every kiddo knows!

Q. I am a father of three with my children ranging in age from 2-8. I have been teaching them manners ever since they were very little and sometimes they still forget the basics! What are in your opinion, the top 10 best manner practices for parents to teach their kids? I want to make sure that at the very least they remember the “big” ones! 
  1. Teaching manners is one of the most important things we as parents do teach our children. There’s a lot of others that contribute to their upbringing but as parents the roles of teaching manners is often exclusively up to us! It helps them to get along in the world, builds respect and is necessary for a harmonious world.  There are so many to teach but…My top ten are as follows:                                                                                                        1. Say Please and Thank you always and with no exceptions
      2.  Do not talk over others or bluntly interrupt conversations
      3.  Asking for permission first alleviates the problem of having to ask for forgiveness later
      4. Only say nice things about others
      5. Practice the “Golden Rule” in all that you do… treat others as you would have them do    unto you!
      6. Never ever point out differences such as hair or skin color or whether someone has a wheelchair or is mentally challenged.
      7. Always write a thank you note after receiving a gift or being invited over to a playdate or sleepover.
     8.  Keep your opinions especially about things that you don’t care for to yourself. 
     9. Do not use foul language when speaking or texting or at all. It makes you look uneducated and reflects poorly on your upbringing.
   10. Always try to make someone smile and leave them better off for having known you. This may be as simple as holding their door or just smiling at them each time you meet. 

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