Impact a Hero November 2011

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Remembering September 11th

I remember the morning of September 11th as crystal clear as if it had been just yesterday. We were staying in Conroe with my in-laws and my sleeping the night before had not gone well. I have a history of a sixth sense if you will about life, and I had been dreaming of a large storm. I was running around trying to gather, of all things, pieces of art from a museum and chaos was everywhere.

I awoke to Brian yelling at me to get downstairs and see what was happening on the television, and a small, then three, Victoria Ann was intently watching as well. After a while of processing what we were actually seeing, Victoria Ann said in her small voice, “What did you do to my country?” To this day, that will always be my question and the question raised by countless others as well.

Over the past ten years, I have seen and photographed many a soldier and shared with them my thanks for creating a sense of safety where as I mother, I know deep down there is none. Hope for a world that has gone awry and a fight between two sides of mankind that will never be decided or won. It is a battle that has gone on for centuries bubbling up more or less in the ages of time to wreak havoc
on those standing innocently in its wrath. The fight is not a new one. The firemen, in particular, have always been the hero on a local front as well. That day, and in the days following the bombing, we as a country lost 343 outstandingly courageous men. The fireman is a special breed of a man, and his fearlessness to save others while sacrificing himself is like our soldiers – someone to be held in high esteem.

When the Sugar Land Firefighters called me last year and asked if I would dedicate my time and talents to a calendar, I, of course, said yes. All of you know about my Art and Medicine projects with the Hope and Inspiration calendars for breast cancer, The Small Miracles calendar for the Snowdrop Foundation and Texas Children’s Cancer Center where I utilize my talents to create a product that gives back to our community. The firemen were a perfect fit, and their beneficiary, Impact a Hero, could not be more fitting or deserving.

Impact a Hero is an organization that provides emotional and financial support for our disabled war on terror veterans and their families. The calendar to benefit this phenomenal organization was shot at the fire field in Richmond, and ladies, it was hot! When they turned on the gas and lit up the sets, the walls of fire nearly melted my lens and singed my wig off! Ahhh…you thought I meant “HOT!” LOL It was all of that too, I assure you.

The Sugar Land firemen went through a program they devised to get their department more fit. When all of the guys started working out, they figured they should make good use of all their hard work in the gym, and so, the calendar idea was born. I got the lovely pleasure of deciding who made it in the first of many calendars, and I am pleased to present to you our first Sugar Land Firefighters calendar benefiting Impact a Hero! The calendars can be purchased for $15.00 and the proceeds go to Impact a Hero. I speak of behalf of all of us who have created this special project that we appreciate your support!

On November 4 from 7 to 9 pm, I will be signing calendars along with the guys at Baker Street Pub and Grill in Sugar Land Town Center. We look forward to seeing you there!

Take Care of You!

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