Going Green

You and I are nature. We are not some separate entity detached from it. We are in this world to make a positive impact and it is when we loose our consecutiveness to nature that we essentially loose ourselves and our purpose. I wrote earlier this year about the last of the white rhino and how sad it is that we created the extinction of such a beautiful creature in the first place. I recently watched an episode about how our oceans are brimming full of trash and plastics and it got me to thinking about how I alone could make an impact. That is a daunting task and one that seemed a little too inconvenient and albeit kinda hipster for even this open minded artist but one that none the less I felt compelled to try! 

Baby steps I told myself and surely little by little I would be able to make a difference. It starts with greener choices everyday and surprisingly requires very little discomfort! Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” Think about that for a second… taking a little bit of a different path and choosing something a little less invasive is stepping towards green and we little by little then begin to become part of the solution and not the problem. But how can we daily inch our ways further to the greater good of our earth? It is done by making one ethical and consensus choice each day. That seemed doable…. so here’s a few ways I plan to achieve it! 

  1. Keep on a planting my garden! I have as many of you know pretty sever food food allergies and by keeping my veggies chemical free I am doing the best for my gut and giving my back yard a place where bees and butterflies are welcomed and enjoyed! Check out the sunflowers that tower over my beets and carrots inviting my flying friends to come enjoy the garden!
  2. Through conservation of our natural resources such as water and electricity. I have a rule that if you are not in the space there better not be anything just “on.” This goes for SIRI singing on the porch or by the pool…and the Good Lord knows his birds don’t need to hear Van Halen all day to sing songs and be happy, in fact they’d prefer the peace and quiet! We have conquered any and all leaks thanks to our remodel from our friendly foe Harvey last year making the house an efficiency machine.
  3. We buy organic when and if at all possible. I take off to Fromberg’s and if you don’t know about this market you need to. They have lots of fresh from the garden veggies and fruits and there’s even a bakery with buttermilk pies and yard eggs! 
  4. I’m currently scouting out the cutest grocery bags. I will be BYOB from now on at the HEB:) 
  5. We are, and I’ll bet Uncle B ain’t gonna like it; but we still are going to cut down on the meat we eat! I would like to go vegan but that really sounds over the edge so I am adding in more veggies and cutting down the portions on our meat menu. I hope he won’t notice too much lol! 

How we spend our money matters and how we utilize the things we have to create less waste is another important and very doable way to go greener. Start where you are from what you have and just do it. 

Take Care of YOU! 

Have you got a great idea that you’d like to share? Contact me at alisamurray@absolutellfocusmedia.com I’d love to hear from ya! 

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