Living the “sweet life” in Sugar Land

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Alisa Murray, the writer

Many of you guys know me as a photographer but few know me as a writer. I have been working for several years now on books both for children as well as fundraisers for breast cancer. So when my good friends at the Fort Bend Focus asked me to begin writing for them I was pleased and hopefully ready for the task.

I must tell you I love being a photographer and feel like I have been given so so many blessings. That is the focus this month, that of blessings. Each and every day we all have an opportunity to see all the possibilities each new day brings. We can make choices that allow us to live the best life for ourselves and our children. Staying positive in spite of life’s ups and downs is instrumental in creating a life. I have “created” my life in many ways by making conscientious choices concerning the character traits of “home”. As we begin celebrating season with friends and family it is an important time to consider what it means to feel blessed and how responsibility for one’s happiness is directly tied to the choices we make.

This season I want all of us to spend time thinking about all the blessings. Pay close attention to the details of the season. Play with you’re children! You know, even as loud and messy as it is, they will be grown and gone quick, so enjoy them…just as they are right now.

Invite friends to share time and catch up but don’t get caught up in impressions and party glam that you loose sight of what it is you’re trying to cultivate! Home should be a special place where you have special and consistent traditions.

I remember my mother’s parents would come bearing paper bags filled with pecans and sweet potatoes. We would bake and go to church and work on last art projects before the rush of the holidays began. We would make spice tea and ginger cookies and I can still remember the taste of cookie dough uncooked and Granny saying “please don’t eat that!!!” She said the same about all the pecans we shelled and managed to eat before delivering them to the kitchen! Blessings… each year gives all of us the opportunity to create memories with friends and loved ones. Living in such a fine place as Sugar Land, part of living “the sweet life” is holding dear to those we love and cherishing all the little nuances life has to offer.

I hope your November is filled with moments today that as you remember them through the years will bring a smile to your face and an opportunity to share with your family traditions of years past.
Cheers to the sweet life!
Take care of you!

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