Living the Sweet Life Column

small image of sweet bird

An amazing journey.

The “Living the Sweet Life” column has been an amazing journey. I was asked to write about my children’s rooms and after that initial article I was given my own column. I named it “Living the Sweet Life” and with a readership of 60,000 each month I have been able to touch many lives. The column won 1st Place for “Best Original Column” by the TCNA. The Texas Community Newspaper Association is an association of regularly-published, free circulation newspapers and magazines based in Texas.

Every month I try to create a piece that is inspiring and touching, sometimes funny and always entertaining! I have always wanted to be a writer and this opportunity to create in a new way, other than through my photography has in fact touched so many lives. I am blessed to be able to stretch my creative abilities in new and innovative directions. Below you will find an archive of the column from it’s beginning in 2006 to present.

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