The 12 Days of Detox

Yes, you read that title correctly! In the most outlandish time for feasting each year I began to think about what a detox would look like…especially during the holidays. With that in mind I discovered that it’s really 12 days and it’s not scary at all and even may perhaps start off the new year on the best foot forward in quite some time! 

80% of our immune system is located in the gut and the time of the year we are most likely to get the flu or other exposures to nasty viruses is in the winter months. Invariably while on planes and amongst other family members those of which who are with us visiting while sick. It’s a smart concept to put in play to prevent getting sick in the first place. Built a strong immune system and you can fight off even an aggressive cold. 

The 12 days of Detox involve four days of cutting back, four days of cleaning the inner body and mind, and four days to build up again. I am not talking about a detox needing a doctor either it is after all Christmas! In the first four days rather than eating a heavy breakfast of eggs and processed meats and starches, instead make juices from fresh apples, beets, carrots and cucumbers. Alternate with adding pineapple, berries and spice up for flavor with fresh ginger, parsley, cilantro or celery. Add in some cayenne or cinnamon too! For lunch have a salad and some fish ahem…grilled or baked and a cup of tea. In the evening have some rice with vegetables steamed and chicken or fish. In the next four days eliminate breakfast and lunch with juices made from the freshest selections aforeto mentioned and for supper the same rice with vegetables and a light easy to digest protein. NOTHING with butter or fried. In the last four days you will add a protein to your breakfast back in like a few boiled eggs with more of that scrumptious fresh juice, for lunch add back in salad with grilled fish or chicken and for supper eat rice steamed with turmeric, a light protein and then you may to back to bread! 

The Liver appreciates a break from it’s full-duty routine. You’ll find these helpful during the fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-lah Christmas detox. Avocados, artichokes, beets, shoots, lettuce, onions, carrots, all berries, ginger, garlic, turmeric, rosemary and pomegranate are all liver friendly during the 12 days and beyond.

The body already has it’s own detox mechanisms but giving the liver and kidney’s a tiny respite will make you feel better in general. Never underestimate a one-day off drinking alcohol and caffeine. It makes a difference systemically even as a small gesture. I recommend if you would not eat it then don’t put it on your body either. Oils and chemicals used in our everyday lives build up in the body and cleaning our bodies inside although we cannot see our organs is as important to good health as general hygiene. The mind matter too and a bath drawn with lavender can calm the mood and mind after spending all day making your lists and checking them twice! 

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