My 2021 Book Club

Hey there Sweet Lifers! In honor of Dr. Seuss, March is our National Reading Month and for many of you this is old news. Ha! This year I launched my Book Club and have a list here of some pretty amazing reads. I love books as you can tell from my library, and have always got something on my nightside table. One of the many things my mother did prior to her untimely death, also the anniversary of which is acknowledged this month; was to start the Junior Great Book Club when I was little. There in the old elementary school that Brian and I attended is a small bookcase engraved in her memory stocked full of classics as it has been for the past forty two years. 

Speaking of classics and books…How many of you were required to read anything or everything by Walt Whitman? In my searching for the best books for the club I came across another book about him and I have become intrigued with him, his life and his works. So much so that I asked Brian to find a documentary on him which started out with a walk in the woods and poetry and he said “Ah, Hmmm I am now going to bed!” (insert an eye roll here) Turns out I had to read a lot of British Literature in school and had never really heard much or studied this as they say “Great Amercian Poet.” So I have added this little dive into his life and works as I have only stumbled upon it later and would be remiss not to at least mention this splendid new find! 

Here’s the 2021 Alisa Murray’s Book Club Reading List

1. “South of the Buttonwood Tree” Heather Webber

2. “Think Like A Monk” Jay Shetty

3. “Writers and Lovers” Lily King

4. “Let Love Rule” Lenny Kravitz with David Ritz

5. “The Sentinel” Lee and Andrew Child

6. “Fanocracy” David Meerman Scott and Reiko Scott

7. “The Best of Me” David Sedaris

8. “Near Dark” Brad Thor

9. “Perestroika in Paris” Jane Smiley

10. “Before the coffee gets cold” Toshikazu Kawaguchi

11. “Afterlife” Julia Alvarez

12.  “Greenlights” Matthew McConaughey

The One for good measure… “Ask.” Ryan Levesque

The extra one I mentioned is “What Is The Grass” Mark Doty 

Don’t you worry either if you do not get to them all this year…if I keep going to the book store I will be right there with you! LOL By the way, I have created a Facebook:  “Living the Sweet Life Group” where we will be discussing these books so if you are so inclined please join! You can find that here:

In the meantime…

Take Care of You! 

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