Turning 49×2

Well hello there Sweet Lifers! My favorite month has rolled around again and it looks like I will be getting another pass on celebrating my big 50! Last year as we all know carried with it so many passes and reschedules but we are just not there yet for it to be back to the normal. By normal I mean to say that this birthday…mine specifically was to be quite extraordinary and since that can not happen, well I have decided that will not happen at all! X2! 

What this means is a little bit fabulous though since I have gained not one but two extra years of life that otherwise I would have to admit has happened and thus respectfully succumb to. We all know the lifecycle of the butterfly and how they transform into their loveliness through lots of time and change. I see myself and others like the butterfly. 

Last February, yes that fun one we had in 2020; on Valentine’s Day to be exact I underwent a heart procedure and almost died. My doctors were shaking their heads quite literally when they realized I had had multiple heart attacks and that no-one knew I had previously had. Then Covid wove it’s way into our lives and changed pretty much everything including my ability to see people…hug people…Do you guys know me? Yes, did I mention HUG people? This was devastating. The Big birthday came and went with little pomp, actually I spent the entire day in bed still recovering from what had happened a few days prior. I quietly sulked and then proclaimed that this birthday was not happening. Many friends nodded over zooms and all agreed that I could theoretically make that call, then we all went into our cocoons.

For me cocooning meant lots of refection and lots of trying to stay as busy as I am always…which is busy. I spent several days that turned into weeks creating a garden. I spent several months that turned into seasons studying seeds and pests and plants and my vitamin D levels soared due to my time in the flowers and sunshine. I talked to butterflies, hugged tomatoes plants and made friends with frogs, birds and lizards and lady bugs. I talked to GOD a lot. I heard the whispers of my parents and grandparents, them that have gone before me while tending to the vegetables and slept better than I ever had before. My psoriasis that has afflicted me for over twenty years miraculously disappeared. 

This February I am in a suspended time continuum. My friends all agree that because of this “situation” we all get to pass once again on the acknowledgment of having reached this milestone of 50. This makes me very happy because I quite like growing and transforming and watching others do the very same. So many have discovered their passions and leapt into their dreams creating lives they never would have known had they not been forced into hibernation. I myself found that all of the gifts that I have been given are intended to be a resource for others and I have been called to teach skills and inspire people in ways that none of us could have ever imagined. What is living a sweet life anyway if not to help the one’s we love and leave behind a legacy to inspire and educate future generations? So with one wing coming through my now cracked cocoon, I am fluttering halfway as we soon welcome spring. The seedlings are blooming, my tulip bulbs have raised their heads and although life goes on my 50th birthday won’t be! 

Take Care of You and Others! 

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