The Lifestyle with Alisa Murray May 2017

I’ll bet that unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade you are familiar with mindful living. The trend towards doing nothing but sitting in repose in order to release stress and also create a sense of balance has been growing exponentially. When you are living mindfully your thoughts are directed to observe, breathe deeply, react after contemplation. 
I remember back a few years ago when a friend asked me to go to yoga with them and how irritated that class had made me. At that time I was in the throws of creating my photography brand and had little time or patience to sit in poses and “just let my mind wander.” My days were spent on hyper drive worrying about the next sessions and getting new clients and when I slept guess what? My brain was doing that too! I was not interested in this mindful stuff and yoga just made me feel like I was slowing down and wasting precious time. I hated it.
Fast forward 15 years, and as my children are leaving my nest; and my business is strong mindfulness has showed up like an old friend. I have always been spiritual. Raised in the south and church going my whole life; praying has always been “a conversation in my head with my Holy Spirit at my side.” I feel connected to the universe when plugged into HIM.  I love that! Mindfulness for me is not sitting in repose and wandering. It happens while I am in the garden, at the stove, shooting a baby, painting a picture and even yes even while I am writing this for you. Mindfulness is being locked into the world around you and taking your time with the precious  time that you have been given. 
Feel your Connection! 

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