This Father’s Day… some ideas for things to do with Dad

“Sweet Life DIY”                            This Father’s Day                                    June 2021

Hey my Sweet Lifer’s! I don’t know why but it always seems like Father’s Day gets a little less pomp and circumstance than that for our Mother’s. They are just as important to our lives and deserve a big celebration. Perhaps it’s because so many of them are quietly providing and don’t really require as much “stuff!” I can recall my own Daddy stating annually that all he wanted was “peace and quiet” when asked about his day. Makes me still laugh cause that was never going to be possible in a house with five children. He created that hot mess for himself! What would be a lovely way to celebrate our Daddies this year? I have put some thought to this and I think spending time is always the right answer. Time is where we create memories and through our actions show what we value most. Another is thoughtfully trying to be helpful with some tasks needing to be done and thinking about items that he would love but would never purchase for himself.

Here’s some ideas:

  1. Create a menu that has as many things that he loves and an afternoon filled with things he likes to do. This could be doing something as simple as watching a movie, playing music together, or sitting in your garden sharing memories of years gone by.
  2. If he’s a “doer” and by that I mean someone that needs to have accomplished something each day and would not enjoy sitting around and walking down memory lane ask him what projects he wants to get done and volunteer your time to helping him get that accomplished. I know that if my children would offer to spend their weekend pulling weeds and planting seeds I would be the happiest mother in the world! LOL 
  3. If he’s into a sport or hobby gather items that make sense to help him and put together a box filled with that. A subscription to his favorite magazine, the latest gadget for his grilling, a cool new upgrade for his tractor, ( now you know what I am getting Brian) essentially something that he could use and would but will not buy for himself. That’s thoughtful.
  4. Many of us if not all are itching to travel. Things are opening up and I have been keeping a close watch as a travel agent to where and what is safe and fun. Prices are very good right now with travel dates being flexible well into 2022-2023. Purchasing a trip for either Dad and Mom or the entire family to have an opportunity to enjoy time away together is always a well received gift. Be sure to get the insurance too so it can be moved without worry.
  5. If you as his child have been creating things for him and as an adult for the world why not create something for him? Maybe you have him pose for a portrait? Perhaps you create a painting of his dog or cat? Maybe you set up a small and manageable garden for him to tend to and enjoy? 

There’s so many ways we can celebrate with our daddies on his special day that doesn’t involve take out and a tie. Think about what he loves and let your heart guide you to creating a lovely day that has memories to last a lifetime! 

Stay “Sweet!”

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