Top 10 things to do in May with Auntie A | #alisamurray

Top 10 things to do in May!
with “Auntie A”

1.Pick one room in the house and do a deep clean once a week by month’s end you’ll have a good start at being done with “spring cleaning!”
2.Go get Weed & Feed and tend to your yard, mulch your beds and plant flowers
3.Drop by a local farmer’s market and grab some fresh herbs to plant in your garden, while you’re there also buy fresh vegetables and fruits that are locally grown and pesticide free
4.Go online and find the best summer camps for your children, register before they are all full
5. Schedule a beautiful weekend off to Galveston or up to Austin with just your spouse
6. Make an Asparagus Gruyere Tart for Mom *(see recipe)
7. Wash your car and deep clean your carpets
8. Read at least two good books, on my nightside table now… “Tell The Wolves I’m Home” by Carol Rifka Brunt and “Tilt” by Ellen Hopkins
9.Find three children that will need meals while school is out June-August and sponsor them
10.Go to the park, zoo, or pool with your children and no cell phone. Admire them in the sunshine and listen to what they have to say about life

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