Ask Auntie A! Setting tables and such!               March 2018

Dear Auntie: I am teaching a young girls group and we are working through basic etiquette. They have enjoyed learning how to properly set a table and basic manners on the phone. I wanted to add more tips for them socially and was wondering if you had any advice or tips that I could include in their program. 
Auntie A: That’s wonderful that you are working with young ladies to show them how to set tables and the proper usage of items on the table. So many of our youth have no idea what goes where! One really great add-on for you to teach them is the “The Rule of Twelve.” When talking with others, always use a form of thanks and the person’s name in the first 12 words you speak (“It’s good to meet you, John,” or “Thanks for picking me up from ballet, Dad.”) By following this rule of 12, people will want to continue to do nice things for you. You can get them to practice by going around the room and have them think about all the things they do in their daily routine and more importantly check to make sure they are thanking those around them such as their teachers, siblings, parents and friends. 

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