Top Ten things to do in November

  1. In the garden it is time to plant cilantro, parsley, dill, mint, lavender and rosemary. Start your leeks and garlic so they will be ready early spring. If you want some blooms going for the holidays you’ll need to choose Crocus, alliums, ranunculus bulbs. Put your tulip bulbs in the refrigerator and on January 1st start planting them every two weeks through mid February.
  2. My studios are collecting for House of Tiny Tots who serves our homeless children. I am the Drop off point this year taking donations until December 15. Please bring me diapers and swim diapers sizes 5-6, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, band aids, first -aid wipes, insect repellent, travel size toothpaste, child size tooth brushes, water and clothing and shoes sizes 3-7 and unwrapped toys and bikes. Text me 713-598-2207 to get the best time and where to drop.
  3. On my Nightside table…. Walter Isaacson’s Leonardo Da Vinci and Matthew Klam’s Sam the Cat. Both are about men on two different places on the spectrum!
  4. At my house we have been cutting back trees and washing exterior windows and pulling out sections of the attic closets to determine what could be donated as holiday decor is an option and GoodWill can always use a few extra Christmas trees and trimming. Now is a great time to purge those decorations and give away so someone else can use it for their fall decor and the stuff you don’t really want anymore doesn’t get put back up there to sit another year.
  5. Make a list of friends and family that you are planning on giving to this holiday season and begin gathering from your year round shopping and now as you are out and about everything you need to complete your list. I try to take a day over Thanksgiving break with Black Friday being the most ideal, so you can stay at home and extend the break; avoid the crowds and get down to the business of wrapping and getting gifts under the tree. We always have the Christmas tree up right at Thanksgiving so we can enjoy all our efforts from decorating at least a month. Presents under the tree keep the children excited and a running tab in your mind as to who is still needing to be crossed off your list!
  6. Set up a small tea of your closest friends and make some Honey and Goat Cheese bites. Ask each of them to bring an appetizer that none of you have tried so you can try out some new items to use in your holiday gatherings.
  7. It’s time to plan Spring break! There are many different options from warm to cold and historic places in between. As a luxury travel agent I have special deals and even some steals to be grabbed but as always the early bird gets the worm so you’ll need to plan in advance to get the best rates on air and accommodations.
  8. Schedule your family holiday portraits and begin addressing the envelopes to friends and family. I always write a newsletter giving everyone an overview of what the past year has brought to us. In most cases my family prefers a printed letter rather than to receive a text with updates. Funny how some things never change!
  9. Make a list of things that you would like to accomplish in the coming year. Most of our goals are not met because of poor planning. By starting to think about these goals now you can begin to think through the steps you need to take to achieve them and you’ll have a jump start on 2019 by doing this before the new year.
  10. As always spend time with the children and when you have the chance the elderly. Both are readily agreeable to give their opinions and the advice you will receive in most cases will be priceless!
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