Alisa Murray’s Living the Sweet Life featuring Russo’s Italian Coal Fired Kitchen January 2016

It is always nice to find a spot that almost every time you walk through the door you run into a friend. Russo’s Italian Grill is such a place as there have been many a Sunday after church or a weekday afternoon that I drop in and not only always find something perfectly prepared and satisfying but warm and friendly faces to socialize with while dinning.
Allyson Huston, owner of our local Russo’s New York – Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen located at
10350 Hwy 6, Suite G in Missouri City, TX 77459 offers not only the traditional fares that are designed menus for the franchise by Anthony Russo who is also a family friend, but she also boasts two head chefs trained both for over 15 years in the industry and one with the very prestigious Le Cordon Bleu certification. They are a small business that also supports our community through various organizations and they shop fresh locally to support other small farm to market business. Together they create off menu specials and dinning experiences that are one of Missouri City’s little secrets.
The first quarterly seated course meal for 2016, Allyson is hosting January 19th starting at 7pm. Reservations are right now until January 12th. The cost is $76.95 per person. This feature is one of four she and Juan Morales III and Andres Rosales offer locally each year.
This January’s dinning event is a 5 course study of Cabernet Sauvignon. The Courses I was lucky enough to sneak preview and folks…as usual Allyson and the guys have outdone themselves! The courses are as follows:
Course 1
Roasted Butternut Squash Soup – Joel Gott 815 Cabernet Sauvignon
Course 2
Wild Rice Stuffed Quail atop Mushroom Trio – Estancia Cabernet Sauvignon
Course 3
Grilled Lamb with Twice Baked Cauliflower – Franciscan Cabernet Sauvignon
Course 4
Braised Short Rib Ravioli – Educated Guess Cabernet Sauvignon
Course 5
Lampone e Cioccolato Tiramisu – Tom Gore Caberent Sauvignon
The first course Is beautifully presented in a bread bowl with pancetta and a dash of nutmeg, the second course is a delicately stuffed quail that as you open up the little birdie you’ll find tiny cranberries, almonds and wild rice then it is placed atop a beautiful mountain of exquisite mushrooms sautéed in red wine. The third course boasts New Zealand Lamp chops and a creamy cauliflower mash that is both delightful to the sense and to the belly. I loved the braised short ribs because of their hearty stew. Allyson cooked them overnight and they literally melt in your mouth with savory goodness. The final course Lampoon e Cioccolato Tiramisu is homemade ladyfingers soaked in Framboise liqueur with fresh raspberries, mascarpone cheese, whipped cream and a hint of vanilla. If you make it to the the last round of this gorgeous meal you’ll have to be rolled out the door!

Over the years that I have been friends with Allyson I have never been so excited about a 5 course more that this coming January edition. She always does such an amazing job of offering thoughtful pairings with well appointed entrees and that its why she is one of my favorite secrets in Fort Bend!
Bon Apetit!
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