Top Ten Things to do in April

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1.Designate an area in your backyard or if you’re daring in the front, and plant yourself a cutting garden. 

2.Get to the farmer’s market and seed company store and plant started and seedlings for the summer harvest. Cucumbers and tomatoes with the basil and rosemary in a place all her own!

3.Dust off the bikes and check them to see if they need new tires and plan for a family biking time around the neighborhood while it is still not so hot outside.

4.Make my Asparagus and Lobster custard, pair it with a salad and crisp white Texas wine and invite over a few ladies to discuss the Oscars and what’s on their nightside tables.

5.Plan for a quick getaway to Galveston end of month for just the two of you to reconnect and unwind before school is out and the house is full of children again.

6.Gather cereal boxes and take to the food bank so the supplies are full for when the children are home and are not able to receive free breakfasts and lunches. We always have a need for these items and one box of cereal will feed a child over the weekend in a household that is financially compromised.

7.On my own nightside table now…Tin House Summer, Shutter the sales and marketing edition and Erin Gates Elements of Style.

8.Take a class online on anything that interest you. I am always enrolled in something. Right now I am studying French, Cooking and Interior Design. Check out this Masterclass site where I have a subscription and regularly learn a new skill! 

http://<a href=””>Give the Gift of MasterClass!</a>

9.Schedule a visit to the salon for a “new do” for summer and go ahead and spoil yourself with a full mani and pedi since those toes are coming out to play!

10.As always… take the children for a picnic and do not let one little moment be taken away by electronics. Ask them some hard questions about God or what they think about things that are important to them and most importantly LISTEN… they’ll only be little for a while!


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