Top Ten things to do in March

March is full of promise and hope that Spring will soon be sprung! From the looks of all the grey weather we’ve been having I for one can not wait!

  1. With the weather warming it’s time to order much and turn over all the beds prepping them for annuals. A hearty annual that I love because of the rich pops of color is the petunia. You will start seeing them available now through early summer and as they do not like very hot weather for long it’s a lovely pick me up of color as we celebrate Easter and start to want to be outside again.
  2. Purchase tickets to see a play and ask the children to discuss afterwards what they learned or have them critique what they have seen. You’ll be intrigued by what insights they share from a child’s perspective.
  3. On my nights table now is C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity and Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting the Devil.
  4. With Easter falling on April 1 this year this month lends itself to create Traditional dyed eggs using intricate designs. First color the egg in a base such as a baby blue or a very light yellow and the use a wax crayon to draw designs. These are so lovely you can stack them in a clear vase and use as your centerpiece for the Easter feast next month!
  5. Clean out at least one closet and donate stuff you don’t need or like anymore to Goodwill.
  6. It’s time to start looking at and exploring the summer camp scene and discover the perfect activities for all the children. I create a reading list for them as well and they get to do special activities if they complete what should be on their nightside tables by summers end. It takes a while to find the perfect types of books that your children will enjoy and get them in so read reviews and ask them what things they might be curious about.
  7. Make a Easter Meal Plan and ask each family member attending to bring at least one item. If they are not handy in the kitchen I usually ask them to bring an activity or art project that we can do as a family after the meal.
  8. Try making a one pan meal such as roasted carrots and asparagus with proscuitto wrapped shrimp. If you can get in the habit of prepping veggies ahead of time the concept of throwing everything into a pan and roasting it and then finishing it off with protein added to your menagerie will make the upcoming months a breeze poolside. It just takes practice figuring out what the best combos are for your family and their tastebuds!
  9. It’s time to pull off all the screens and wash windows both inside and out. While you are in the mood doing that I also recommend getting all your area rugs steam cleaned as well!
  10. Make a big batch of butter sugar cookies and buttercream icing and let the children decorate them! You can even cut them out into Easter eggs and bunnies and bake them ahead and then ice them together on a rainy Sunday afternoon!
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