Alisa Murray aka. Auntie A’s Top Ten things to do in November

The “LIST”
Top 10 things to do in November!
with “Auntie A”
Each day this month write something you are grateful for in a memo on your iphone. When doing your daily meditations refer to this growing list.
Download the app “Buddhify” and watch yourself transform into a meditating and calm guru during this busy holiday season!
Go to the farmers market and gather the best blueberries and go to your garden and grab some thyme and below you’ll see my recipe for my homemade preserves. I would go back through my “gift list” and make up a bunch of these so gifts are all done!
Walk through the trees and take pictures of the sun as it develops beautiful shadows at sunset or sunrise. Download that to your desktop and be mindful of how blessed you are to be ALIVE!
On my nightside table….”The Golden Condom” by Jeanne Safer, PHD and “Anatomy of a Soldier” by Harry Parker.
Instead of buying the little wax thing’s to make your house smell good add to your burners a spoonful of coconut oil and allspice and nutmeg or cinnamon.
Power wash your driveway and deck so in the most probable case scenario of us having a “warm” Thanksgiving you’re outdoor spaces will be beautiful gathering places for your family and friends.
Drop off boxes of cereal to “Lunches of Love” Did you know that one box of cereal will feed a hungry child from Friday our of school till Monday returning back? With the seasonal school breaks coming up we need to stock up on cereal to be ready for both Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks for the children.
9. Find out through your church who has a needy family and sponsor them for their food, toys and decorations.
10. Be sure to have a basket at the front door of your home for cell phones. During the meal ask that no-one check in or be online so as to be PRESENT and MINDFUL of the live time of Thanksgiving this year.

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