Top Ten Things to do in May!

Top 10 Things to do in the month of May

  1. Go to your local garden center or online and purchase some Mexican olive trees, avocados and oranges. Now is the time to get new trees planted and don’t forget to prune the herbs and freeze them in ice cube trays for use later. 
  2. If you have not already done so it is now time to plan and pay for all the summer camps and activities for the children. While you are doing that think about going ahead and planning a little get away for you and your spouse too since the children will be gone. Now is as good a time as any to let you know that I have a new travel company and would be delighted to help you with getting discounts and special deals for travel! 
  3. Schedule yourself a day at the spa and get those toes and nails done, a facial and perhaps a new haircut and color too! Father’s Day is coming soon and you want to look HOT for papa bear:) 
  4. On my nightside table…I’m enjoying Night by Ellie Wiesel and Fourteen Flights of Fantasy Dreams and Visions with Jerry and Helen Weiss.
  5. Make my weed be gone spray for the yard but be careful because it does not have any discretion between your beautiful flowers and vegetables and actual WEEDS! Fill a spray bottle with half water and half white vinegar. If the weeds are really bad add a dollop of reg dish soap to make it more potent.
  6. Since bathing suit weather is right around the corner I am now replacing one meal with a replacement shake. I get mine from my doctor but as long as you are getting vitamins and minerals any one will certainly do! That will help control the calorie intake which in turn should theoretically help you drop a few pounds! 
  7. Make a big pot of my Beef Taco Soup with chips and avocados and invite the children to ask friend to a Saturday brunch. There’s no better time to be outside than now and if you have a pool even more fun! It’s the best days of our whole year! 
  8. Collect any books and magazines that you have finished reading and donate to the shelter or our public library. They are always looking for more of everything and that stuff tends to pile up in my hose so it’s probably piling up in yours too!
  9. Take the family dog in for a good grooming and now is a great time too to update any shots they need for their annuals.
  10. As always take a moment to be in the moment with your children. Don’t let them take a phone to the family dinner table and ask them questions that will get them sharing and thinking about the big and little things in this life.
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