Alisa Murray’s Top Ten for JUNE

Alisa Murray's Top Ten for May


  1. In the garden keep weeds under control and get outside and tend to those in the morning before it gets too hot and steamy to manage for very long.
  2. Harvesting of tomatoes and cucumbers will be at times overwhelming, especially if you planted a multitude of seeds and plants. These will need a daily pick check and to keep them for the fall try making salsa and pickles and pressure canning them.
  3. Go through the drawers in the kitchen and take inventory of your plasticware donating those containers that have lost their tops and purchasing new ones to use when taking a dish to all those pool parties that you’ll be attending. I love to bring a dish like potato salad and then gifting the hostess with a nice container for her to use and leave at my house at the next great evening spent together!
  4. On my nightside table now is “Make Your Bed” by William McRaven and “The Ragged Edge of Night” by Olivia Hawker.
  5. For those days either at the pool or traveling in the car pack snacks that are both nutritional and “exciting.” I like to always have fruits, seeds and of course some chocolate! Always keep a small flat of bottled water on hand and those little packets of lemonade powders to quench thirst on our hot days.
  6. Schedule yourself a spa day and get exfoliated so your self tanners will take better on your skin and remember to always wear sunscreen even if you are just going out for a little errand. 
  7. To stay on trend, nails are now a nude or white with a fun and funky color all the way around. This is called the “orbit” nail design so ask your manicurist to hook you up.
  8. Go through your shoe collection and pull out anything that you have not worn and drop off to our local resources for others in need. What may be just taking up space in your closet could bring a summer smile to another woman’s face. 
  9. Planning can never be too early for your holiday family get away. Resorts book up months in advance so you’ll want to begin checking with your children to decide on a hot or a cold place for memory making during their break.
  10. As always take time with the children in a tech-free and sharing place. I always create a reading list and as they complete each book we have a talk about what they have discovered and their opinion about what the author was trying to share. Keeping to the classics is a way that you can make sure they get the opportunity to explore great works that during the busy school year they often have no time to immerse themselves. 

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